Bonsai Master Roy Nagatoshi was born in the United States and raised in Japan where he learned the art of Bonsai from his father (Shigeru Nagatoshi). 

Roy continues the bonsai traditions of his father as a second generation bonsai nurseryman by upholding the history and heritage of past generation bonsai masters. 

Roy holds weekly bonsai classes for beginning through advanced bonsai techniques at Fuji Bonsai Nursery.

Roy is well known in Southern California for his Approach Grafting Techniques of grafting Shimpaku scion stock onto the branches of California Junipers and other old Junipers creating a more aesthetically pleasing future bonsai tree.  Roy also teaches approach grafting techniques at his nursery.

Roy has traveled the world as an Ambassador of Bonsai doing bonsai lectures, demonstrations, and critiques since 1976.

Roy is a past president of California Bonsai Society.  Roy’s traditional style bonsai trees were featured in the major motion picture series known as “The Karate Kid”.

Roy has also reached out to US Veterans through organizations that support our Veterans to introduce them to bonsai.

Roy will be critiquing and providing guidance on styling and horticultural issues on member trees, so bring your your finest to the next meeting. He will also have his tools ready in case you want him to assist you on implementing his suggestions.