The end of 2022 provides a busy bonsai schedule ahead, we have club shows, sales, convention/rendezvous, swap meets, and expo’s. If you need pre-bonsai material, finished trees, tools, stands, bonsai related items now is the time to purchase it. Bonsai soil is another story, finding akadama in any size or related mix has become a problem. Shortages in Japan, shipping and logistical problems and the cost per bag has created a soil shortage across the US.

September is providing a challenge to the California bonsai enthusiasts, with the excessive heat, water restrictions, and total lack of rainfall we are all facing very severe growing conditions. The changes in the weather patterns have forced many changes in the normal southern California bonsai schedules. Extended summers have pushed normal end of year care closer to fall. Indian summers are going to be common here in SoCal so keep the shade cloth up longer and prepare.

  • September Kimura Bonsai Nursery Close out sale – Northridge
  • Sept 9-10 Viet Bonsai Today Association – Garden Grove Sport & Recreation Center
  • Sept 17-18 San Diego Bonsai Association Show – Balboa Park
  • Oct 1-2 Chino Bonsai Club Show – 261 S Junipero Serra Dr, San Gabriel
  • Oct 5-9 Kofu Bonsai Club Show – Bowers Museum
  • Oct 8-9 GSBF Bonsai Rendezvous 2022 – Santa Nella, CA
  • Nov 12-13 Pacific Bonsai Expo – Oakland, CA
  • Nov 27 California Bonsai Society Thanksgiving Sale – Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursery

This month our guest demonstrator is Ron Reekers. Ron is a retired aerospace engineer, is a tenth dan grand master in Aam-Bu-Jutsu, has studied many other disciplines of martial arts, two degrees in fine arts from Cal State Long Beach, and is an established artist with work shown and published throughout the world. Ron has studied bonsai with John Neilsen, Manny Martinez, and David Nguy, has won the Golden State Bonsai Federation’s Harry Hirao scholarship, and attended Taisho-En International Bonsai School in Shizuoka Japan under the guidance of Mr. Nobuichi Urushibata.

Ron will be talking about his Bonsai Drawing Series – “Perception” and how this applies to the bonsai world, please come and give Ron a warm Dai Ichi Bonsai Kai welcome.

Everyone Take Care

Doyle Saito