This month provides many opportunities for bonsai enthusiasts, we have the Shohin Seminar at the beginning of the month then a week off for Valentine’s day.   The 3rd weekend brings the Mammoth Bonsai Sale and Auction up at the Lake Merrit Collection.  This should be full of trees, stands, tools, books with many of them donated from the Makishima Family Collection.   Finally, the last weekend of the month will be the annual Bonsai-A-thon at the Huntington Gardens.   This event is the major fundraiser for the GSBF Collection at the Huntington,  vendors, demonstrations, a great raffle, auction of trees and visitation of the Japanese and Chinese gardens/bonsai collections.

Again I would like to thank Ed and Linda Clark from the Round Valley Nursery for donating the 3 trees for the Michael Roberts demonstrations.

This month we are lucky to have the California Bonsai Society/Visiting Artist Maliea Chiem.   Maliea has trained with Colin Lewis and Sandro Segneri, both talented bonsai artists.    We will be having a workshop with Maliea on Friday before the meeting.

Maliea Chiem workshop – Friday February 17 from 9:00 to 2:00 with lunch provided.   It will be a bring your own tree(s) workshop.  Cost will be $100 and limited to 7-8 individuals.

February 17thMaliea Chiem/VAP Maine – workshop provided

March 17thAlbert Rivera

April 15/16 – Bunka Sai Show – Torrance

April 21stMichael Roberts “the process 2nd stage”

May 6/7 – Dai Ichi Bonsai Annual Show

May 19thAdam Toth/VAP Northeren California  – workshop provided

June 23rdYannick Kiggen/Belgium –  workshop provided  ( this is the 4th Friday of the Month)

July 21stMike Lane/VAP Florida – workshop provided

August 18thBonsai Bingo

September 15thMichael  Roberts “the process 3rd stage)

October 13thLaurent Darrieux/France – workshop provided (this is the 2nd Friday of the month)

November 17thHugo Zamora Luna/VAP Mexico  – workshop provided

Everyone Take Care