Well that was a fun August; heat and windy conditions, Hurricane Hilary, a bonsai show chopped in half.  What fun and exciting things can September bring?  We have the US National Show and a local show at the Bowers Museum, bonsai is happening everywhere. Everyone is prepping for the GSBF Rendezvous in October, so get your raffle donations out and lets take a trip to Santa Nella for some fun.

The Bonsai Bingo meeting was a big success!  We had great food, good company, and lots of great prizes.   Thank you goes out to our bingo caller Mr Robert Pressler.   Thank you to everyone who donated prizes to the raffle table, food for the potluck, and a special thank you to Gary Ishii/Chikugo-En for the plant donations.

I have another special request.   We are having a beginner workshop for the JCI on Saturday October 7th.  We are looking for teachers for the Saturday morning workshop.   Give me a call and support the club, lunch will be provided.

Thank you for all the support

Doyle Saito



September 9-10 – US National Bonsai Show – Rochester New York

September 15th – Michael  Roberts “the process 3rd stage)

September 22-24 – Kofu Bonsai Show – Bowers Museum, Santa Ana

October 7th – Chase Rosade Studio – Bonsai tree and pot sale – New Hope PA

October 7th – DiBK & Gardena JCI Beginner Workshop – Gardena (Teachers Needed!)

October 7th & 8th – Chino Bonsai Club Bonsai Exhibition – San Gabriel

October 13th – Laurent Darrieux/France – workshop provided (this is the 2nd Friday of the month)

October 20th, 21th, 22th – GSBF Rendevoux – Santa Nella, CA

November 17th – Hugo Zamora Luna/VAP Mexico  – workshop provided