This month is a pretty interesting time in southern California, I’ve watered maybe 2 times in the past month.   The atmospheric river has brought many inches of rain all over the state of California.  I’ve tried to keep up with the repotting season but its hard to repot trees that are just waterlogged and super wet.   Well enough crying about the weather, this month we have some great guests coming to southern California.   The Visiting Artist Program brings Michael Ryan Bell to our club to talk everything bonsai pots.   If you have a pot you want to be identified bring it to our meeting and lets talk about it.  Michael is one of the foremost experts on bonsai pots in the states.



About the same time Michael is here Young Choe, the kusumono expert from back east will be here visiting.  Young will be having workshops at the following locations; Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursery 2/21, Eastern Leaf Bonsai 2/22, and Kimura Bonsai 2/23.   Young will also be the headliner for the annual GSBF Bonsai-A-thon 2/24 and 2/25.  Workshop spots are still open at Kimura Bonsai.


Dai Ichi will be helping with multiple bonsai workshops during the year, we are always looking for help. If your interested in helping teach at these workshops just let me know.  You may not be teaching the whole workshop but we will have you focus on 1 or 2 students. These workshops are fun, rewarding and a great way to share your knowledge with beginners.


Thank you for all the support

Doyle Saito



February 16th – Dai Ichi  Bonsai Kai Meeting – Michael Ryan Bell

February 21st – California Bonsai Society Meeting – Michael Ryan Bell – everything about the pots

Young Choe workshops 
February 21 Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursery
February 22 Eastern Leaf
February 23 Kimura Bonsai Nursery
February 24/25 – GSBF Bonsai-A-thon Huntington Gardens and Library

March 16th – Gardena JCI Beginners Repotting workshop ( looking for teachers )

March 23rd – Hermosa Hermanos Bonsai workshop  ( looking for teachers )

April 20/21 – Torrance Bunka Sai – Show and demonstrations  ( looking for demonstrators )