This month brings a bit of a slow period for the club, we have various workshops and teaching sessions, but nothing too extensive for our club.   The first event will be a beginner’s repotting workshop on Saturday March 16th.   The second workshop is on Sunday March 24th, this will be hands on workshop teaching beginning students the art of bonsai.  These sessions will help teach new students and increase your knowledge and understanding of bonsai principles.  Teaching is a fun way to reinforce those things that your teachers have been trying to impart on you these many years.

Our featured demonstrator this month is Mitch Matsey, a knowledgeable and experienced bonsai artist from the southern California area.  Mitch has spent many years developing his talent under the guidance of his teacher Ted Matson.   This demonstration will feature the topic of Ficus bonsai and all the aspects needed to grow and develop this species.




Dai Ichi will be helping with multiple bonsai workshops during the year, we are always looking for help. If your interested in helping teach at these workshops just let me know.  You may not be teaching the whole workshop but we will have you focus on 1 or 2 students. These workshops are fun, rewarding and a great way to share your knowledge with beginners.


Thank you for all the support

Doyle Saito



March 16th – Gardena JCI Beginners Repotting workshop ( looking for teachers ) 10:00am

March 23rd – Hermosa Hermanos Bonsai workshop  ( looking for teachers ) 1:00pm – 3:00pm

April 20/21 – Torrance Bunka Sai – Show and demonstrations  ( looking for demonstrators )

April 27th  – Gardena JCI  Beginners Workshop

May 11/12 – Dai Ichi Bonsai Kai Annual Show and Sale Headliner Adam Toth

May 15th – California Bonsai Society Meeting – Kaya Mooney

June 29th – Gardena Valley JCI Matsuri – Festival Plant Sales Support