April showers are a great thing for our bonsai! Spring is here and all the bonsai are pushing new growth, it’s time to continue your repotting routines. Most places in the county are just coming out of winter with mild temperatures and an increase in the amount of sun. We here in Los Angeles have been having 80+ degree temps and lots of sunshine. Fertilize and let your trees extend and grow.

Thank you for all the support
Doyle Saito



This month our demonstrator is fairly new to bonsai Matthew Gelacio started during the covid year of 2020. Starting on his own with YouTube and other video medium. Later in the Fall of 2022 he began his studies with Fred Miyahara. Matthew has improved to where he is teaching classes for the San Diego Bonsai Club and doing great things with Fred’s and Larry Ragle’s trees.

You can check out Matthew’s instagram at


Dai Ichi Bonsai Kai will once again participate as ambassadors, welcoming and demonstrating to the general public, the art of bonsai. We encourage you to join us for the festivities. There are cultural displays, demonstrations and everything that celebrates the Japanese culture. We will be setting up the show before our meeting on Friday, the 19th. Let us know if you can help!



We have been invited to the Friendship through Bonsai Celebration at Shisei-En garden with David and June Nguy. Please give them a call to RSVP your intentions.



April 19 – Bunka Sai Setup.   Torrance Sister City Association

April 20/21 – Torrance Bunka Sai – Show and demonstrations

April 20 – Friendship through Bonsai Celebration at Shisei-En.   9:00-5:00  Lunch raffle demonstration by David Nguy.
Please call and RSVP 714-914-7001 June Nguy

April 21 – Larry Ragle Foundation Pot and tree sale.  Contact Fred Miyahara for more information

May 11/12 – Dai Ichi Bonsai Kai Annual Show and Sale Headliner Adam Toth

May 15 – California Bonsai Society Meeting – Kaya Mooney

May 17 – Kaya Mooney Bring Your Tree Workshop – 9:00am-3:00pm $125 – Space is limited, contact Doyle to reserve your spot.

June 29 – Gardena Valley JCI Matsuri – Festival Plant Sales Support