This month our demonstrator is CBS Visiting Artist, Kaya Mooney. Kaya is a 27-year-old American with a deep-rooted passion for the art of bonsai, has dedicated the last five years of his life to studying this ancient practice. This journey began when he embarked on an extraordinary adventure to Osaka, Japan, to apprentice under the esteemed Master Keichii Fujikawa, a renowned figure in the world of bonsai.

As an apprentice under Master Fujikawa, Kaya immersed himself in the intricacies of bonsai cultivation, care and design. His relentless dedication, and tireless efforts have led him on a remarkable path of growth and learning, mirroring the very trees he tends to with such care and precision.

Kaya’s journey will soon culminate in a significant milestone as he is set to receive his certification as a bonsai professional from the Nippon Bonsai Association this coming May. His impending certification marks not just a personal achievement but a testament to his mastery and passion for the art of bonsai.

With a bright future ahead, Kaya is positioned to become a prominent figure and a dedicated teacher within the American bonsai community. He is committed to sharing his knowledge and passion, nurturing the bonsai he has come to love, and inspiring others on their own bonsai journeys.

Join us for a great demonstration that is not to be missed.

Spaces are still available for the BYOT workshop with Kaya! 
Now is the chance to get assistance from a Japan trained artist for your best trees! Details in the flyer below. Contact Doyle to reserve your seat.


May 15 – California Bonsai Society Meeting – Kaya Mooney

May 25-27 — Santa Anita Bonsai Society Show – LA arboretum, Arcadia

June 29 – Gardena Valley JCI Matsuri – Festival Plant Sales Support

Oct 26-27 — Pacific Bonsai Expo – Oakland