It’s June and what to do next? That’s a good question. It’s the midpoint of the year and so much still needs to get finished. The maples need thinning and cutting back, and most all other deciduous trees have the same problems. There are some great videos out talking about partial defoliation of trident maples and regular maples. Bjorn has a few, Ryan has a couple, and of course you can look back in our archive of demonstrations to find more. Just last month Kaya did a wonderful job of talking how to prune back your maples. Thank you Kaya for a great demonstration and answering everyone’s questions.

It’s Pine spring seasonal work with cutting candles and pulling needles. Tropical trees need to be repotted,  junipers are almost done pushing new growth and need to be thinned. Pull all the excessive weeds popping up from all the recent rains. Bonsai work is never done and its always some task that needs to be done, but so satisfying when it’s completed.

Later this month Dai Ichi will be helping the Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute with their annual Matsuri festival, June 29th. We are helping run the Plant sale booth again this year and we can use as much help as we can get. If you have the time to help us, give me a call, text me, to sign up!

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Cesar Ordonez started doing bonsai in April, 2019 after a shohin juniper caught his eye! He studied with David Nguy the first year of his bonsai journey, and is now studying with Peter Tea. After noticing what thrives in his area, he started collecting olives!

Cesar says “I feel like this is just the beginning, I look forward to continue learning much more in the coming years, applying that to my future trees, continue collecting trees, and eventually start on having my own little garden/nursery someday.”

Join us for what will be a great meeting!

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June 9 — LA Bonsai Swap Meet — Woodley Park, Reseda

June 29 – Gardena Valley JCI Matsuri – Festival Plant Sales Support

Oct 26-27 — Pacific Bonsai Expo – Oakland