July is bringing us very high temperatures; most parts of the Los Angeles basin are looking at triple digit temperatures. Shade cloth would be nice, preparing for these summer temperatures has been a common responsibility for many of the bonsai nurseries. Many of us remember the weeklong scorching heat we had about 5 years ago, trees were cooking in their pots. Watering and moving into the shade had little effect on the trees, they were not transpiring water through the plant, the ceramic pots were creating small cooking pots for the trees. Shade, moving trees to the ground, covering the pots with Styrofoam covers are all ways to keep your trees cooler in these harsh conditions.

This past month Dai Ichi Bonsai helped with the GVJCI Matsuri, I want to thank all our members who came out to run and sell plants and trees for the event. Thank you Jason & Alyssa, Barry, Hiep, CJ, Michelle, Dan, Mark, Dave, Norman, Dan & Wanda, Grace, Mary.

This month our visiting artist hails from Columbia, Liliana Marcello Tello Ortiz. Come to the meeting and support the Visiting Artist Program.

Thank you for all your support





July 19 – Dai Ichi Meeting with Liliana Marcello Tello Ortiz

July 20 – Dai Ichi Member’s Workshop

August 2 – Gardena Valley JCI Tanoshi Fun Camp – Kid workshop

August 16 – Dai Ichi Meeting cub workshop

August 17-18  John Naka Memorial Bonsai Show – Nisei Week