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Our library is available to all club members in good standing. If you are interested in checking out a book, please fill out the checkout form at the bottom of the page. Please list the Book, Title, and Author when requesting your book. There is a limit of two books per checkout. Once your request is received, we will confirm via email, and deliver your requested book(s) at the next agreed upon meeting. They will be due at the next meeting upon receipt.

TITLE (alphabetical)  |  Author  |  Publication Date  |  Status

5th Nihon Bonsai Exhibition (Japanese Text) IN
6th International Bonsai and Suiseki Exhibition (Japanese Text) IN
A thru Z of Perennials Readers Digest IN
Bonsai Techniques I John Naka IN
Bonsai Techniques II John Naka IN
Bonsai ; A Care Manual Colin Lewis IN
Bonsai; Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Susan Resnick IN
Bonsai; Illustrated Guide Sunset IN
Bonsai; The Complete Guide Paul Lesniewicz 1981 IN
Ficus – The exotic Bonsai Jerry Weislik 2004 IN
Four Seasons of Bonsai K Murata IN
Indoor Bonsai for Beginners Werner Busch 1999 IN
Keep Your Bonsai Alive and welll Herb Gustafson 1995 IN
Keep Your Bonsai Perfectly Shaped Herb Gustafson IN
Low Maintenance Bonsai Herb Gustafson 1999 IN
Minature Bonsai Herb Gustafson 1995 IN
Master’s Book of Bonsai Japanese Bonsai Association IN
Penjing: Worlds of Wonderment Q Zhao 1998 IN
Penjing: The Chinese Art of Miniature Gardens Y Yuhuan 1982 IN
The Bonsai Identifier Gordon Owen 1990 IN
The Complete Bonsai Handbook Darlene Dunton 1979 IN
The Japanese Art of Stone Appreciation Vincent Covello IN
Timeless Trees M Bloomer 1986 IN
Trees; Guide to 500 Species Around the World Allan Coombes IN

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