Ed Clark is the owner of Round Valley Nursery in Central California, and has become a staple vendor at many of the large California bonsai shows, and his offerings are impressive to say the least. Once a commercial Japanese Maple and Magnolia grower, Ed now uses his skills and talent to grow a wide variety of pre bonsai material, including Shimpaku, Japanese Black Pine, Maple, Cedar and Elm amongst many others. The Princess Persimmon was particulary popular. He is well known for his wire wrapped technique for developing twisted trunk material, and there were many examples on display.

His sprawling growing field consists of multiple greenhouses containing material at various stages of development from seed grown to propogated cuttings. He also has an expansive area exclusively for in-ground developed material, all trained to be excellent bonsai material.

Ed will be discussing and demonstrating various propagation techniques for bonsai. He will also be bringing some cutting materials for you to start your own cuttings.

See you there!