Time flies when you have bonsai in your life, we are down to the last bonsai meeting of the year.

Grafting, repotting, spring pruning, fertilizing, summer prep, letting things grow, fall pruning, and finally winter care. The cycle of bonsai life is a never ending story, but the benefit of watching your trees grow and progress throughout the year is a rewarding experience.

The many stages of Covid have been a life altering experience; masks, vaccines, boosters, social distancing, more boosters. We in the bonsai world have been fortunate to be able to hide/social distance ourselves by working on our trees, but I think its time to open the doors and invite the world back into the bonsai experience. Bonsai shows, conventions, traveling to bonsai events, expos and the like have started to open again. Japan is again open to the world and the Bonsai Association of Belgium will have “TheTrophy” exhibition again next year.

OCTOBER MEETING – 11/18/2022 @ 7pm

November bring us a demonstrator through the California Bonsai Society’s Visiting Artist Program. Caroline (Caz) Scott is an accomplished bonsai artist from the Willowbog Bonsai Nursery, Hexham United Kingdom. She has demonstrated and shown her trees throughout the world and we are fortunate to have her here sharing her knowledge of bonsai.


And the morning before the meeting, Caroline will be running a BYOT workshop in Torrance. If you’re interested in attending please let me know by email at or by phone 310.940.0482 to reserve your spot!


For most of her life, Caroline Scott, or “Caz” as he she’s known, has worked with art in some shape or form. It’s always been a large part of who she is. Working with design, photography, print, portraits and as a freelance illustrator has been a joy for her, but it wasn’t until she discovered the art of bonsai at the age of 21 (now 54) that she realized what true artistic passion really was.

Willowbog Bonsai in the North East of England was everything and more Caz could have asked for at the time. The nursery had, over the years, many top artists holding workshops and she took the opportunity to work with all of them. Marco Invernizzi, Marc Noelanders, Ryan Neil, Kevin Willson, Salvatore Liporace, Peter Warren to name but a few. She wanted to push herself and learn as much as she could.

Caroline also became more involved with the UK clubs and shows doing talks and demos. She became the secretary of the North East Bonsai Society and was the original founder and chairperson of the British Shohin Bonsai Association. All of the workshops and club involvement seems to have paid off as she then started exhibiting at top European shows like the Noelanders Trophy (now the Trophy) and the Ginkgo Awards where she won the BCI (Bonsai Club’s International) Presidents Award for her Shohin composition.

Caz continues to strive to learn more and more about the art. Along with her presentations and demos, she teaches and develops trees for customers across the UK and Ireland.


Nov 18 Caroline Scott workshop – Torrance,  CA

Nov 12-13 Pacific Bonsai Expo – Oakland, CA

Nov 27 California Bonsai Society Thanksgiving Sale – Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursery, West LA, CA

Jan 21 2023, Baikoen Bonsai Kenkyukai Winter Silhouette Show, Temple City, CA

Feb 3-4 2023 California Shohin Seminar, Santa Nella, CA

Everyone Take Care

Doyle Saito