Well that was a fun weekend!  Our annual Bonsai show and sale was a big success due to the participation of all our club members.  Leading up to the show we had donations from the Penny Jensen Family, the Watanabe family, Jim Collis, Janette Chun, Gary Ishii and Chikugo-En, the Carol Browne family, the Kaz Murai family, Robert Pressler and Kimura Bonsai Nursery, Asami Goya, Jason Saito, Mel Ikeda, Kelly Lui, San Diego Bonsai Club, Louis Carrillo, Matthew Gelacio, and Nelson Sanabria.  Without these donations the club raffle and auctions would not be what we have today.  To all the generous patrons, thank you from the Dai Ichi Bonsai family.

Any show is only as good as the support it receives from it’s members and friends.  We had a GREAT show!  I’ve received many compliments from older members, new members and even the staff and workers from the City of Gardena.   Thank you everyone.

The beginner’s workshop was a massive hit.  We had 18 new students and could have had another 18 if we had more trees, teachers and space.   I would like to thank all the members and friends of the club who took time from their day to help with the class.

Robert Pressler, Dave Hazard, Jason Saito, Louis Carrillo, Debra Mauzy-Melitz, David Melitz, Michael Roberts, Keith Waters, Barry Miller, Kelly Lui, Kevin Sweeney, Bill Ward, Joe Galgoul, Mel Ikeda, and Dennis Makishima.

The crew that built the show and pulled it down at the end of the weekend. I thank you for all your help and assistance in this event.  If I miss anyone I am sorry.

Gary Lai, Keith Waters, Barry Miller, Julian Tsai, Jason & Alyssa Saito, John Van de Wouw, Tom & Hanna Vuong, Ren Padrones, Kelly Lui, Bryan Nicholson, Shawn Stanton, Michael Roberts, Bill Ward, Emil Cajucom, Susan Burg, Nelson Sanabria, CJ and Mark Levinstein Hiep Tran, Mary & Bill Hilleman, Joe Ortega, Michelle Nakamura, Kenji Ikari for bringing all the trees, Kevin Sweeney

The club dinner, raffle, and auction was a big hit. We had plenty of delicious food and desserts, thank you to everyone who brought things.   The numerous raffle items flew to the tables as our raffle chair Kevin Sweeney called names, Bob Pressler ran the auction with his booming voice and quick wit.  We also got to help celebrate the 100th birthday of our own Frank Goya.  I would also like to thank Julian Tsai who us organize the show’s trees with his insight and knowledge on the display of trees, accents plants, and everything display related.

A special thank you goes out to our own CJ Levinstein who makes the club run like a clock, Jason Saito  who makes all the little things look like a professional has touched them,  well he does and it shows.  And lastly our good friend Dennis Makishima who took time out of his busy day to share his knowledge with the Dai Ichi Bonsai members.

Thank you for all the support in making this year’s show a success.

Everyone Take Care



June 23rdYannick Kiggen/Belgium –  workshop provided  ( this is the 4th Friday of the Month)

July 21stMike Lane/VAP Florida – workshop provided

August 18thBonsai Bingo

September 15thMichael  Roberts “the process 3rd stage)

October 13thLaurent Darrieux/France – workshop provided (this is the 2nd Friday of the month)

November 17thHugo Zamora Luna/VAP Mexico  – workshop provided