June brings us to an end of a very mild spring, cloudy, overcast skies, and light rain.  We have seen some sunny days but nothing to bring exceptional growth here along the coast.   These conditions are making me wonder about the expected hot and sunny summer ahead.  Inland is the normal hot and dry season with occasional tropical rains/drizzle.   With these moderate temperatures the number of insects and pests seems to have jumped.   Spider mites, aphids, scale, and many other insects have been multiplying like crazy.   Fungus of all strains are affecting junipers, deciduous trees, and conifers.  Spraying is a must these days, liquid copper, daconil, clearys, mancozeb, advanced 3in1, anything to get the job done.   Keep those trees healthy.

This month we are meeting on the 4th Friday of the month, this is because of our special guest demonstrator and speaker, Yannick Kiggen.   Yannick is here traveling California and Denver and spreading his bonsai wisdom, a 2024 Trophy headliner, European bonsai award winner, and our bonsai teaching friend of the club.

Thank you for all the support.

Doyle Saito

*4TH FRIDAY (This month only)

The GVJCI parking lot will be closed the night of our meeting so arrive early for convenient street parking.


June 23rd – Yannick Kiggen/Belgium –  workshop provided (this is the 4th Friday of the Month). Workshop with Yannick is Friday June 23rd – 9:00am – 2:00pm  $125 lunch included.

July 21st – Mike Lane/VAP Florida – CBS Visiting Artist Mike Lane will be the demonstrator. Workshop with Mike Lane is Friday July 21th – 9:00am – 2:00pm  $100 lunch included. Mike is a from Florida and specializes in shohin.

August 18th – Bonsai Bingo

September 15th – Michael  Roberts “the process” 3rd stage

October 13th – Laurent Darrieux/France – workshop provided (this is the 2th Friday of the month)

November 17th – Hugo Zamora Luna/VAP Mexico  – workshop provided